“VAO Agrochimexport” JSC
2, Bolshoy Znamensky per., Moscow, Russia, 119991.
Phone: (495) 695-51-58 Fax: (495) 609-93-16
E-Mail: vao@ache.ru
 General Director  -  KALMYKOV Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich
Chief Accountant  -    KALMYKOV Vyacheslav Mikhaylovich
Contractual and Legal Issues  -  SPIRIDONOVA Anna Alexeyevna
(495) 530-61-12
Operating and Commercial Activities - KURTUKOV Pavel Konstantinovich
(495) 695-49-04
Protocol Service - SAKHAROVA Tatyana Viktorovna
 (495) 530-61-01
Secretariat -  (495) 697-04-70
Founders of “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC include the following:
-         UAB konsernas “Achemos Grupe”;
-         “Tolyattiazot” Joint Stock Company, Tolyatti;
-         “Transammiak” Joint Stock Company, Tolyatti;
-         “Ventspils Commercial Port” Joint Stock Company, Ventspils;
-         “Silvinit” Joint Stock Company, Solikamsk;
-         “Shchekinoazot” Joint Stock Company, Shchekino;
-         “Azot” Joint Stock Company, Berezniki;
-         “Vurnarsky Plant of Mixed Preparations” Joint Stock Company;
-         “Dorogobuzh” Joint Stock Company, Dorogobuzh;
-         “KuybyshevAzot” Joint Stock Company, Tolyatti;
-         “Metafraks” Joint Stock Company, Gubakha;
-         “Sumykhimprom” Joint Stock Company, Sumy;
-         “Minudobreniya” Joint Stock Company, Rossosh;
-         “Azot” Rustavi Joint Stock Company, Rustavi
The following foreign companies were founded and operate in partnership with “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC:


Аspac Соmp Ltd”, Thailand
Telephone:(662)185-13-76 ;Fax:(662)185-13-96
Е-mail: aspacche@loxinfo.co.th
     Russian-Thailand Company was established in 1987. The Company deals with export of mineral fertilizers, chrome compounds, textile industry, nylon and viscose fibers, elastane, fabric, pig steel, metal, timber, paper, cellulose, pulp and raw materials for manufacturing of paper, natural latex and other products.
General Director Zhigunov A.V.
     “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC is a member of the Russian Union of Chemists and All-Russia Public Organization “Business Russia”.
     “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC is a member of the editorial board of “Chemistry and Business” magazine.
Operating and Commercial Work.
     Since 1991 “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC has participated in the chemical products market (mineral fertilizers, ammonia, methanol and other chemical goods).
     Professional knowledge and many years’ experience remain in demand in the market place and facilitate the development of business relations both with Russian companies and foreign firms.
     “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC is involved in export and import operations for mineral fertilizers and pesticides, works in the Russian market on organization and financing of shipments of agrochemical products to agricultural manufacturers.
     The operating and commercial work of “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC includes provision of agency services on export and import operations.
The following is made on a contractual basis:
  • Marketing research of commodity markets;
  • Commercial calculations of contractual prices of marketable goods;
  • Maintenance of industrial projects, established on the basis of foreign technologies and imported complete equipment is organized and ensured.
Services, provided by the company, also include:
  • Regular monitoring of commodity markets, world and domestic market prices;
  • Development of the supply logistics scheme;
  • Information service on trade policies.
Coordination of shipments of ammonia,
supplied by Russian companies across the territory of Ukraine to the port of Yuzhny.
     In 1994 the inter-government agreement was signed on transit of ammonia across the territory of Ukraine.
     “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC as a member of the Russian-Ukraine working group on regulation of questions of transit and shipment of ammonia in Odessa port plant (port of Yuzhny) coordinates shipments and supplies of ammonia to “Tolyattiazot” JSC, “Minudobreniya”, Rossosh, “Kuybyshevazot” JSC and “MHK “Eurochem”. Shipments are made by ammonia line and railway.
Investment Projects.
     The authority of “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC in the world market opens the opportunity for participation in implementation of joint projects with foreign and Russian companies.
     The Company’s portfolio includes offers on construction of industrial chemical plants, production of packaging materials, civil projects, etc.
     Work in the field of innovation activities includes the promotion of the modern technologies to produce alternative types of fuels (biofuels).
     “UniCreditBank” JSC, Bank “Zenit” JSC and other banks, which client “VAO Agrochimexport” JSC is, are ready to grant credits for financing of investment projects.
     In some cases “business-plans” of the specified projects are developed using leasing conditions for the supply of complete and miscellaneous equipment.




АО "ВАО Агрохимэкспорт" предлагает поставку органо-минеральных удобрений (гуматы K, Na), производимых компанией "Сахалинские гуматы". 



АО «ВАО Агрохимэкспорт» осуществляет многолетнее сотрудничество с Международным химическим журналом «ХИМИЯ И БИЗНЕС»  www.chembus.ru


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